Colleges That Offer Sexology Degrees

Sexual attraction, sexual behavior, and sexual identity are not always well understood by the general public. Professionals who study sexology strive to increase awareness and understanding of human sexuality.

There are a handful of colleges across the United States that offer degrees in sexology or a related field, including the University of Michigan, the University of Wisconsin, and Indiana University. A degree in sexology can prepare students for a career in research, education, clinical work, or counseling.

This guide covers the top U.S. colleges that offer sexology degrees.

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Colleges That Offer Sexology Degrees

The field of sexology is an important and often overlooked area of study. There are many colleges that offer sexology degrees, and these programs can lead to careers in a variety of fields. A sexologist may work in a clinic, hospital, or private practice. They may also work in research or education. With a degree in sexology, one can make a difference in the lives of many people.

Just a decade or two ago, it was difficult to find a college that offered a degree in sexology. If you wanted to pursue a career in sex therapy, you generally had to major in a broader subject such as psychology and then specialize and hone your craft once you got into the field.

Fortunately, more and more schools are beginning to offer sexology as a major (although the degree might be called that at every school — some, for instance, will offer a degree in “human sexuality” or something similar, but the coursework and curriculum are the same). In this guide, we look at some of the top colleges that offer sexology degrees and what each program entails.

University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan—Ann Arbor offers a bachelor of arts degree in Women’s and Gender Studies, which you can pair with a minor in LGBTQ and Sexuality Studies to achieve the same thing as you would by getting a specific degree in sexology.

The Women’s and Gender Studies major at the University of Michigan offers students the opportunity to study sexuality from a feminist perspective. It includes courses from the psychology, sociology, and anthropology departments. More than half of grads who major in Women’s and Gender Studies go on to pursue a master’s degree and/or a Ph.D., whether at UMich or a different school

The LGBTQ and Sexuality Studies Minor is offered through the Department of Women’s Studies. The program is designed to “engage students in critical analysis of the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality.”

The minor requires 18 credit hours, including coursework in gender and sexuality studies, queer theory, and human sexuality. It is an ideal complement to a Gender Studies major and can make you more competitive for top-ranked graduate programs in the field.

University of Wisconsin—Madison

Aerial shot of UW-Madison.

Like the University of Michigan, the University of Wisconsin—Madison offers a Women’s and Gender Studies major. Although it doesn’t have a sexuality studies minor to complement this major, you can pursue a certificate in LGBTQ studies if your interests lie in that area.

Even though UW-Madison’s Women’s and Gender Studies major is broader than a specific major in sexology would be, the department is large enough and the major requirements versatile enough that you can mold it into what amounts to a sexology degree by another name. This will make you highly competitive for master’s and Ph.D. programs in the field.

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University offers minors in both Sexuality Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies. WKU students interested in sexology often pair one or both of these minors (usually both) with a psychology major to achieve virtually the same thing as a sexology degree.

The Sexuality Studies minor helps you gain a better understanding of the complexities of human sexuality and learn how to think critically about sexual issues. The minor will also prepare you for careers in fields such as public health, education, social work, and counseling.

The Gender and Women’s Studies Minor focuses on gender as a social construct and women’s experiences. The minor will give you the knowledge and skills to critically examine gender in your personal life, in the media, and in institutions.

This minor is an excellent choice if you’re interested in exploring gender from an academic perspective and learning how to apply feminist theory to real-world issues.

Indiana University—Bloomington

Indiana University—Bloomington offers a minor in Sexual and Reproductive Health that can be paired with a psychology major to create the equivalent of a degree in sexology.

The minor consists of six courses, including an introductory course on sexual and reproductive health, a course on human sexuality, and a capstone course. The other courses in the minor include topics such as gender and sexuality, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual assault prevention.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon offers a major in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. This department offers a few different paths to take, including one that focuses more on topics involving human sexuality. This major and concentration can provide a launch pad to a graduate degree in sexology or human sexuality.

University of Kansas

Aerial shot of the University of Kansas.
Aerial shot of the University of Kansas.

The University of Kansas is a personal favorite of ours on this list because it offers an actual BA in Human Sexuality.

The Human Sexuality major at KU provides a broad understanding of sexuality, including its biological, psychological, and sociological aspects. It’s designed to prepare you for careers in fields such as sex education, counseling, social work, and medicine.

This program is one of only a handful in the country specifically designated as a sexology/human sexuality major. In other words, you don’t have to pair a broader degree in psychology or gender studies with a sexuality-oriented minor. If you’re 100% sure you want to go into sexology, it’s hard to find a better program than this one.

What Can You Do With a Sexology Degree?

Sexology is a highly versatile and interdisciplinary field of study, drawing on knowledge from psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology to study sexuality throughout the lifespan.

With a sexology degree, you have many career options. You may choose to work as a sexuality educator in schools or community organizations, or as a counselor helping individuals and couples navigate their sexual relationships. You could also work in research, studying the effects of different interventions on sexual health outcomes.

No matter what path you choose, a sexology degree can give you the skill set to make a difference in the lives of others. If you are passionate about promoting sexual wellness and healthy relationships, this may be the field for you.

What if My School Doesn’t Offer a Sexology Major?

There are a few options for students interested in sexology who attend schools that don’t offer the major. One option is to major in a related field, such as psychology, sociology, or human sexuality. Another option is to minor in sexology. There are also online programs available that offer certificates or degrees in sexology. Finally, some students choose to self-study sexology by reading books and articles on the topic.

You also might consider majoring in something broader such as psychology or sociology and then pursuing a graduate degree in sexology. A graduate degree in sexology can open the door to a variety of careers, from sex therapist to sex researcher. Many people with master’s degrees in sexology go on to earn their Ph.D.s in the field. Others pursue clinical work as a psychologist or therapist.

Colleges That Offer Sexology Degrees: The Bottom Line

If you are interested in pursuing a career in sexology, there are many colleges that offer great programs. Do your research to find the school that is the best fit for you and your goals. By getting into the right program and working hard in your classes, you can launch your dream career in sexology.

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